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Midnight Sunrise News

By: Lycaen - May 2nd

Iron Qon gets smelted!

Grats to raid team 1 on a much deserved guild first kill of Iron Qon!!!

Two more bosses to complete the tier; you guys got this!

Sorry no pic :)

  • Zooney: Ty.... p.s. we hate tornadoes
By: Jglordsphinx - April 5th

Turtle Soup for All!!

Here is our First kill of Tortos Normal mode.  Logs for this pull can be found at:

  • Zooney: Death to the evil Koopa! I mean Tortos =)
  • Lycaen: Sweeeeet!
  • Drunkonbrew: Best one so far!
By: Jglordsphinx - March 29th

Council Down!!

Here is our guild's second kill of The Council of Elders encounter in Throne of Thunder

  • Jglordsphinx: Log for this kill:
  • Lycaen: Awesome work guys!
  • Drunkonbrew: Can't wait to get my own taste of this awesome action.
  • Honalee: Great stuff =) You guys are rockin'! =)
By: Jglordsphinx - March 10th

The Throne of Thunder is under siege!!

Grats all on Midnight Sunrise's first guild kill of Jin'rokh the Breaker!!

  • Lycaen: Wtg Jay's team... keep rockin guys!
  • Honalee: Yay! You guys rock! =) Grats all! =)
  • Drunkonbrew: So awesome!
By: Zantaara - March 5th

Thunder King Is Here!!

Time to kick some Thunder King butt and have fun!!

  • Zantaara: The 5.2 patch is live today. Good luck to all our raiders and everyone have a blast with the new content:)
By: Zooney - February 10th

Congrats to Fuuna for winning the gnome race! After we finished that we took a little detour... killed a princess and helped capture an evil Hog!

Start zone round up

  • Zooney: More pics in the social suggestions thread
  • Zooney: Sorry, under the general wow discussion lol
  • Bluesprey: Midnight Midgets Rules!!!
  • Honalee: Yay! =)
  • Lycaen: " killed a princess and helped capture an evil Hog!" wait... isn't that the plot for "Zelda"?
  • Darkmoon: midnight sunrise 0.5 lol
By: Lycaen - February 8th

Tay'ek get's twisted

Finally got the monkey off their back!!!

  • Lycaen: Grats team 2 on a long awaited and well deserved kill. Tenacity has it's rewards!!!
  • Zooney: Woot! Way to go guys
  • Bluesprey: Tay'ek gets tied up!! Yay!!
  • Zantaara: Awesome job guys and gals!!!
By: Jglordsphinx - February 1st


Congrats all on our guild's first kill of the Sha of Fear!!

  • Jglordsphinx: FYI, the quality should improve in a couple of days once youtube upgrades it...
  • Jglordsphinx: BTW, it's much, much better quality if you open it in youtube and watch in 1080p. just click the quality thingy at the bottom of the video and adjust...
  • Zantaara: Woot! Great kill Team!
  • Zooroo: Awesome awesome awesome!
  • Bluesprey: Beauty-ful video! Looked like fun!! ;>)
  • Lycaen: I'm so stoked you guys brought home a sha kill before 5.2 broke! Keep up the awesome job guys! GO MIDNIGHT SUNRISE!
  • Honalee: Very nice! Congrats everyone! =)
  • Wingheart: Congrats Y'All!
By: Lycaen - January 27th

Wild at Heart (horde) vs Us

Some friendly, funny bloodletting at the mine field in Storm Peaks! A special thank you goes out to everyone who attended.

  • Lycaen: fun time had by all, despite a few "rulebreakers". Look forward to more of the same soon
  • Dkjorge: Look forward to the next one! So funny to see that bear flying through the air so many times.
  • Nèxius: Lets rock out on a field without mines next time lol i spent more time flying than i did Axe'ing
By: Lycaen - January 22nd

The face of things to come

Many of you have noticed that Midnight Sunrise's officers and heavy hitters have been busier than usual and I thought a bit of disclosure was in order.


At first,I debated whether I wanted to post a thread or make it front page news. I concluded that right here was bold and furthermore, indicative of the resolve that I and our diligent officer corps have to see change in Midnight Sunrise; change for the better, for the future and we firmly believe these changes will make everyone's World of Warcraft experience more fulfilling, both in the short term and in the long term.


So what is it our guildies can come to expect from this evolution?


Answer, a revised and revitalized comittment to provide every playstyle in our roster with the opportunity to prosper and both love WoW and their home here at Midnight Sunrise.


We'll be restructuring our ranks to better delineate the play styles and preferences so we can better cater to the support of the individual players' styles.


We're fortifying our commitment to raid progression and creating opportunities for those who want to raid to test their mettle against the devs best offerings and potentially find their way to committed progression teams.


For those who enjoy a more casual style of play, we're offering and scheduling opportunities for them to participate in long needed calendered events like transmog contests, a "Gnome Race" and other such ideas all with prizes and rewards.


For those with a taste for PvP, we're actively putting together RBG team(s) and arena teams.


I'm open to and looking for more suggestions so feel free to contact me or any of your officers if you have any suggestions questions or concerns.If I'm in game I'm ALWAYS in vent so gimme a shout Midnight Sunrise!


There's a lot happening behind the scenes at Midnight Sunrise so check your calenders and get signed up!

  • Zantaara: Onward and Forward!

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